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Managed Solutions

  • Product Engineering: This provides a single version of the truth enabling collaboration for team members and visibility for executives. Critical information is managed online with graphical change workflows and status lifecycles to ensure accuracy. Companies improve process coordination, increase profit margins, and develop products faster with the Aras Product Engineering Solution. The CMII principles for configuration and change management are incorporated.

  • Program Management : It delivers project portfolio visibility and automates the development process by providing comprehensive functionality for both executives and team members. By managing the work being performed on milestones and deliverables actual progress is rolled up for dashboard risk staus. Companies realize better customer alignment, greater profit margins, and shorter development cycles with the Aras Program Managment solution.
  • Quality Planning: It provides risk management and mitigation for executive confidence and project team control. Risk priority numbers[RPN] provides metrics that drive mitigation action items and control plans for a process-based approach to closed-loop resolution. Web-based templates and liabraries provides consistent data for analysis. Companies manage risks,achieve compliance, and increase profit margins with the Aras Quality Planning Solution.

Consulting Services

 PLM consulting and application selection

Today leading companies are seeking ways to achieve advantages in the marketplace by extending Lean strategies into product development to outmaneuver the competition. For a company to realize the full potential of a Lean strategy all groups across the organization must understand how Lean applies to their activities and what actions are required to deliver financial results.

Need Analysis & Process Evaluation

SolidCad analyzes company's current processes, business goals and identifies the PLM solutions, which can meet the unique needs of the company.

PLM Vendor Evaluation

SolidCad analyzes company's current processes, business goals and provides a comparison of these requirements to the leading PDM/PLM solutions available in the market and recommends the PLM solution, which satisfies the requirements.

Assessment of Present System

SolidCad analyze the usage of a specified vendor application already installed and in-use at a customer and provide a detailed user scorecard and associated recommendation plan to optimize the use of the product within the company and across the supply chain.